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Milk for your Family

Mother Nature got it right. Nutritionally speaking, milk is the cream of the crop. Wholesome and loaded with essential nutrients, dairy products help us to live healthy, happy and lead active life. At Douda, we're committed to provide dairy products such as white and flavoured milk that allows families to enjoy the lasting benefits of dairy at every stage of their lives.

Milk is important to everyone in your family. In fact, it is recommended that growing children have 4 glasses of milk a day. And, that people who consume dairy products have a better intake of nutrients – so you want to start these good habits at an early age.

Our Commitment

We're passionate about delivering the best to families everywhere. We apply the latest in nutrition science to improve our products and serve the needs of our consumers. Starting from minimally processed dairy, we've gone further to improve the nutrient profile of our entire portfolio. We've reformulated many products to reduce sugar, sodium, calories and saturated fat, and we enhance our products with nutrients such as calcium, and vitamins A, D and E.

Pistacia Restaurant And Food Template