About Us

Established in the year 2014, we, Douda Tazwid Industries is first of its kind engaged in processing and supplying a wide range of dairy and juice products in the Horn of Africa. Processed in an ultra modern fully automated plant ensuring highest quality standards, we make our products only from ingredients manufactured by renowned global companies.

Our well-developed infrastructure is bestowed with state of art processing plant located in Djibouti to serve the country people with dairy and juice products at affordable cost.

Our customers can now enjoy fresh product everyday at their door-step and can continue to rely on us for superior fresh products and an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. Our continued commitment to such ideals, and to the community, ensures that Douda will remain a proud and respected brand throughout the country.

Our Mission

"Douda will continually strive to provide high quality products at best price" This goal will be accomplished by following high standards in performance and quality control and meeting or exceeding those benchmarks. Never settling for less, than the very best we can offer.

The Douda Promise

Our Ingredients

Every single product is produced from the highest quality ingredients sourced only from the best and most reputable suppliers around the world.


Our Factory

State of the art factory with European sourced production equipment ensures all our products meet the highest levels of manufacturing excellence.


Our Products

A team of highly trained and skilled dairy technicians ensure all Douda products meet both quality and price expectations of our consumers.


“This Is The Douda Promise”

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